Easy made tomato sauce 

Towards the end of the summer you end up with plenty of tomatoes. The easiest way is to make a delicious tomato sauce and store it in jars. I used an old recipe from a cook book of my great grandmother. Tomatoes, I have used approx. 30 mid sized 3-4 small Onions Butter Vinegar Honey... Continue Reading →

Day 3)

The first year really was a trial phase. From the beginning it was clear to me that I would use only heirloom seeds from certified organic suppliers. By searching for organic or heirloom seeds there will be a whole list. In order to follow the eco friendly idea it makes sense to order from a... Continue Reading →

Day 1

2016 sees one of the anniversaries of my birth year. Now it is time to start something completely new. I am opening the doors to my Diwan Lady Ash's Diwan. I'd carry this idea for quiet some while. The news about climate change and the Economics growth imperative call for an immediate change. Everybody needs... Continue Reading →

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