Day 3)

The first year really was a trial phase. From the beginning it was clear to me that I would use only heirloom seeds from certified organic suppliers. By searching for organic or heirloom seeds there will be a whole list. In order to follow the eco friendly idea it makes sense to order from a local supplier.

The advantages are

1) the seeds are from parent plants that grow in a similar environment and are used to similar soils.

2) the transportation is shorter and therefore less impact on the CO2 footprint.

The ground I planned to grow vegetables on was all grass. At the beginning I started with 3 beds and a separate place to grow tomatoes.

The tomatoes did very well and provided a solid harvest. But beans, zucchini and squash didn’t do. Additionally I had plenty of little guests to enjoy the open table I provided – snails. I managed to save one plant in a pot on the terrace. The harvest was decent. This year I’ll start again.

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