Easy made tomato sauce 

Towards the end of the summer you end up with plenty of tomatoes. The easiest way is to make a delicious tomato sauce and store it in jars. I used an old recipe from a cook book of my great grandmother.

Tomatoes, I have used approx. 30 mid sized
3-4 small Onions
Pickling spices

Cut the tomatoes in little slices, the smaller you cut the better and the sauce becomes creamy. Heat a pan and put in the cut onions together with half of the pickling spices. Meanwhile put the tomato slices in a pot and boil them slowly. Add pepper and more pickling spices. Add the onions butter spice mix on to the tomatoes. Let it slowly boil for 30 min. When the tomatoes start to become paste like, add the honey and vinegar. Let it slowly boil for an hour then fill in jars. The cold glasses can be stored unopened for 3-4 month.

I did 2 versions, one more spicy and the other more sweet. I am using it as a base sauce for other vegetables or as a paste sauce or cold as a dip…….

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