Preserving food

Today at preparing dinner I figured that I have only 2 onions left from my crops last year. It really feels great to shop at your own garden or cellar storage. For preserving the fruits and vegetables I use caning in jars. Previously I did only canning of fruits, plums and cherries.      I... Continue Reading →


   It is mid of February my first seeds are spouting and I should slowly transition them from the breed pot into the kindergarten environment, meaning into something more substantial that they can develop the roots. The thing is that I have only time on weekends, as a commuter the evenings are scare. And I... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Today was shopping day! I've brought the heirloom seeds for this new year. This year the garden plots will be expanded by one for potatoes. The weather was warm for February and so I've prepared the plots already, compost, calcareous marin algae and finally sodium hydrogen carbonate.  As a reward I did shopping. I brought seeds... Continue Reading →

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