Day 6 

Just in time for the weekend I received my order of heirloom seeds, actually I was a bit concerned to order online. But in is difficult to find a shop near by that has not only hybrid seeds and has the full collection. But the delivery was as green as possible, even the outside packing slip was in a recyclable detachment. I felt better now, especially as I ordered from a supplier not too far away. I am starting with broccoli and carrots.

The carrots seeds got an extra compost from leaves and some cutter moss on top. 

The broccoli seeds got regular old compost mixed with a bit clay. The soil here contains a lot of fly anyhow. Therefore the supply on moss never run out. 

I have used flat bowls to put the seeds in so I can remove them in house overnight easily.

Nights can be still frosty. 

I hope that I am more lucky with carrots this year. Last year I just managed to get one. And this was very small and had no taste.

Probably the soil was not properly prepared. I did some research in old gardening books. Carrots seeds needs to be pre sprouted in compost from leaves and than seeded in solid soil. 

Broccoli is hopefully not so delicate, it’s the first try this year. Anyhow the bowl is sitting close to the heating to make it comfortably for this Mediterranean plant.

Let’s give it a try! 


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