Burnet pesto – alternative detox

Yesterday the sun was shining, today is one of those creepy cold days with rain and snow. The immune system needs a kick. The body and the metabolism should be taken care of. Get rid of the winter ballast and renew yourself to start over again. It is probably no coincident that most religion talk of a fast in early spring time. Fast or detox supports the body functions with a cleaning process.

Much is written about detox and green smoothies. I do not sing that song again. Here is an alternative for you. 


Easy detox pesto

Spring is about round the corner. Yesterday I made the spring check in the garden. But 1 sunny day does not mean it’s spring. I have to be patient still for a few weeks. Actually the forecast speaks of snow and icy weather to come. 

But a body detox is in time. I have already supply from herbs – burnet. It is one of those super early herbs. Burnet is full of vitamin C and is detoxing.

So the right companion for a start into spring and to boost your metabolism.
I make sure I always has sufficient supply. And the burnet is really a good companion grows easily everywhere, is self seeding and does not demand much care.

My favorite is a pesto from burnet. I use this pesto on bread or in a sauce. 
Just cut a handful of burnet with a knife

Add cucumber and pepper

I had some sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds I’ve added

Pure in some native olive oil

Add some cereal grist

Blend it with a hand holder until it becomes a creamy pasture
Put it in a box. In the fridge it will held for a week 

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