Heirloom seeds – why do I use them? I several post I mentioned heirloom seeds. That are seeds that comes from fertile parents plants. And their off spring inherit that fertility. The usual seeds which are on supply are hybrid seeds. Which means that those plants can not be inherit the characteristics with their seeds.

Each year on need to buy new hybrid seeds. Which obviously provide the agricultural companies with continues sales year over year. Additionally the rich variety of diminishing, because each farmer buys the same hybrid seeds. Those hybrid are designed to provide maximized results in the harvest. 

The thing with heirloom seeds is that the seeds are derived from organically grown parents plants usually at a ecologically farm. The plants keep their natural variety and fertility. Therefore you can get your own seeds from last year harvest if you want. Just to add a word of caution, for some seeds it is not easy to receive lively seeds from. Zucchini and others needs to rotten and have you seen the blossom of a carrot?

I did preserved a few climbing beasts seeds from last year. And will run an easy test this year. I’ll keep you posted.

Heirloom seeds supports the natural variety or biodiversity. Did you know that the IUCN has evaluated more than 12 thousand plant species and estimated that about 68% are threatened with extinction.  

It can support independence of farmers from the big agriculture companies. They do not have to buy expensive seeds every year. This aspect is important in rural communities in developing countries. 

Here is a quote from WWF

Ecosystem services

This is a way of describing all the services we get from the natural world that we often take for granted.

That could be water, soil formation and protection, pollution breakdown and absorption, climate stability and recovery from natural disasters.

How much are ecosystem services worth globally?

According to IUCN, the World Conservation Union, the monetary value of goods and services provided by ecosystems is estimated to amount to some US$33 trillion per year.

Let’s just put the zeros on that so you see exactly what we are talking about:


The United States GDP for the whole of 2008 was only US$14.4 trillion. For the European Union in the same year it was $14.94 trillion (source) 

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