Preserving food

Today at preparing dinner I figured that I have only 2 onions left from my crops last year. It really feels great to shop at your own garden or cellar storage. For preserving the fruits and vegetables I use caning in jars. Previously I did only canning of fruits, plums and cherries.     
I need to think of preserving the crops. I do not own a deep freezer and do not like deep freezer vegetables. I will use old methods from our grannies. I am lucky to have a old book printed 1919 as a manual for housewives, housekeeper and female cooks. It is a treasure! Imagine that book was printed before electrical home appliance have been invented, even a fridge did not existed. One chapter is about preserving food. A family home always had a storage room or cellar. The supply for a week was stored in that room. It was necessary that this room was well aerated.
Butter e.g. was stored in huge pots cleaned with salted water. The pot sat in a bigger bucket filled with cold water. 

Potatoes needs to be stored in a wooden rack in a cold cellar. Each time when potatoes are removed for cooking make sure that the remaining ones are moved. This should hinder the potatoes from sprouting.

In the cellar are boxes with sand and soil to plant the garbage in. That box with garage needs to be watered from time to time.

Carrots and other root vegetables will be stored in dry sandboxes. 

Other methods to preserve food is besides canning, drying. Fruits but also tomatoes are ideal to dry. But also pickling is a method, but I have not tried it yet. I will try and let you know how it worked for me. 


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