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Last year the little apricot tree suffered of a fungicide disease which resulted in rolled leaves. The crippled leave eventually tuned brown and fell off. In the neighborhood I saw almost all apricot trees infected.This year it’s up to pest control. 

The good thing that we live in a community with an urban gardening heritage is that we receive a periodical issue of a house and gardening magazine. In the Great Depression in Germany in the 1920 people where granted a property and material for building their houses. The size of the property was designed to support a family with food supply for sustainable living. Still today local support within the community is available, including that publication.

In the February issue I read an article about exactly that disease on apricot trees. They recommended to use as pest control a fungicide spay. It is important to spray the bud before the leaves are fully developed or even the tree blossomed. Therefore you have to treat your tree early in March. 

I do not want to use chemical pest control so I tried my favorite natural fungicide liquid – garlic infusion.

For 1/2 liter of infusion you need 
1 mid sized garlic clove

1/2 liter boiling water
Cut the garlic in slices and pure the boiling water over 

Let it sit overnight 

Next day the garlic infusion is ready for use. The water becomes a bit milky which is ok for the garden infusion.