Broccoli sprout

The broccoli sprout have left the kindergarten and moved in single pots into the outside storage that has sufficient day light. Still plans are to build a greenhouse. The next ones to take the place at the windowsill are parsnips seeds. 

This was the first time I had broccoli sprout. They grow very fast and I probably had them for too long at the kitchen windowsill which is facing north. The combination of a north facing window in winter is not very favorable for seeds. In the early phase they had it was warm and cosy. I could the little ones under control. But as soon as the first proper leaves develop I need to remove them. Otherwise they start grow to fast. That was happening to my broccoli. I replanted them carefully into little single pots. The stems are very sensitive and break very easily. Still I’ve got a decent output. I hope that they will recover in the south facing storage house. I just need to remember to check on them daily when I am back from work. That sometimes is a challenge as full working gal. 


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