Recap of my veggie seeds

Mid of April, time to do a little recap. How am I doing with my plans to grow own veggies? Most of my seeds is planted in soil expect a few very late ones waiting for May to come. I have some good results but also some unsatisfactory.  Well, my broccoli is doing well. But I... Continue Reading →

Coffee cups and waste

I love coffee. Drinking a tasty cup of cappuccino with vegan milk is relaxing routine I do not want to miss. Specially after my daily 1 hour train ride to work I enjoy a stop over in a trendy coffee shop.But what is about the wast? If I drink a cup a day that's 365... Continue Reading →

Eco Footprint

Have you thought of your environmental footprint recently? Here also size matters but in an reverse direction. Small is beautiful! I can not help, but I feel that our ancestors did it right. Well the old ones did not had much choice. They had no machinery, shopping malls and planes available to them.  But how convenient... Continue Reading →

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