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Have you thought of your environmental footprint recently? Here also size matters but in an reverse direction. Small is beautiful!

I can not help, but I feel that our ancestors did it right. Well the old ones did not had much choice. They had no machinery, shopping malls and planes available to them. 

But how convenient are the convenient products really. I feel more satisfied by grabbing some salat or berries from the garden them shopping in a grocery. With growing my own food I can decide and control how much I need to pollute the environment. At a grocery I have to ask questions about the origin of the food and most likely have not much choice other than to accept and buy the products available. Once the product is shipped to the local store their CO2 footprint is sunk costs.
Engaged in gardening we can influence positively the environment with organic fertilizer, compost and at the end with our the plants. Then by growing vegetables in the garden is a closed loop. We eat the vegetables the garden supplies and the leftovers provide the compost with nutrition and carbon as an organic fertilizer. 
And it is pretty cool to just go in the garden and pick some veggies for dinner.