Bento Box

I do commute about 1 and a half hour one way. That gives me about 3 hours a working day of spare time in the train. Time I use for reading or writing. But back at home I am missing those 3 hours. Therefore preparing food needs to be planned ahead. The cantinas we have around are ok but do not meet my expectations in quality of clean food at all. I use to cook plenty of vegetables and rice and grains over the weekend. From that supply I take my daily lunch with me to the office. So that’s what I am used to to.Over the weekend I did some reading about pickling methods and came across a brilliant Japanese solution for my lunch box routine.

In Japan there are the Bento Boxes. A really stylish and cute system to carry the daily lunch.

Immediately I was thrilled and read the whole evening about boxes and recipes.

Here are some links to Bento boxes and the cute food arrangements which are an art of itself.

And so on……..

It is a very traditional way in taking food away. A box should contain carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables or salat, fruits or a little sweet treat. 

3 parts of carbohydrates  

2 parts of protein 

1 part of vegetables / salat

1 part of fruit or sweets
The box contains a full meal that satisfy the daily nutrition. 

Immediately I ordered a box. The choice was really difficult, as all looked so nice. Finally I made the decision to buy a little round container in which smaller boxes can be stapled. It is very solid and no liquid can leak out. Very important! I have ruined already a few times my bag with curry sauce or other colorful dishes. Oh and on the side is a box with chopsticks ! I love to eat with chopsticks. Here is my first lunch I need to improve the art of decoration. 


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