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I love coffee. Drinking a tasty cup of cappuccino with vegan milk is relaxing routine I do not want to miss. Specially after my daily 1 hour train ride to work I enjoy a stop over in a trendy coffee shop.But what is about the wast?

If I drink a cup a day that’s 365 cups for the bin. I also drink coffee over the weekends.

Multiplied with the years, let’s say 5 years – that’s make already 1.825.

That would be enough for a container, just from my trash.

But I do a trick and don’t use paper cups. 

In the morning after the commute I take my 15 min to sit down in the coffee shop. I order the coffee not to go and get it in a regular porcelain cup. 

In the office I have my own cup as well. 
By sitting down and having a relaxing cup of coffee it supports the environment and is a great break in the daily work routine. 

With being cautioned about our behavior in the environmental context we can all contribute to the better.