Recap of my veggie seeds

Mid of April, time to do a little recap. How am I doing with my plans to grow own veggies? Most of my seeds is planted in soil expect a few very late ones waiting for May to come. I have some good results but also some unsatisfactory. 

Well, my broccoli is doing well. But I had to suffer some big losses. The yield was disturbing. The little sprout are so fragile that they literally break just when you think of touching them. But some I managed to keep and those are improving day over day. Guess what I do not dare to touch them again. Next year I have to seed them either in proper soil bed already or use paper roll container. So that I can plant them with the container into the soil. 

The parsnips are doing well but carrots are also very small and still look desperate. 

Sweet peas are doing extremely well – I am proud off. 
Together with the last year planted garden sorrel and herbs I should have sufficient supply for greens for salads, pesto and sautéed dishes. I expect from the parsnips and sweet peas at least decent crops and tomatoes should add their part to menu. 

Beans, sweet corn, broccoli and cucumber needs to prove their contribution. 
For carrots I am desperate. Perhaps I need to change the seeds next year…
On fruits I can expect sufficient harvest from berries, cherries and apples. 

This should be a good step forward to self-sufficiency in food supply. 
To grow my own food allows me to control my entire supply chain for my veggies or at least the major share of it. In addition it just cost opportunity costs for space and time. The monetary costs for seeds and special fertilizer are just marginal. 

Alternatively seeds sharing fairs are becoming popular and various compost and organic mulch can provide the necessary carbon and minerals. 


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