Guerilla Street Gardens

During lunch break I love to walk around the streets. Luckily I the neighborhood has a flavor of artesian quarter. With little a shops full of handcrafted goods. By walking around you feel the free spirit.These days you can find pop up gardens everywhere between the parking lots. It proves that there is always a possibility for flowers. I am very thankful to all who did those little gardens in the streets. Every day you can find a new surprise. It is so relaxing just strolling by and watch the flowers.
That reminds me of guerilla gardening? Prepare some soil balls and plant them with various seeds. Local field flowers are best suited as they are robust and do not need much to look after. Throw those soil balls on a open space between the asphalt coverage. In a few month you may see some flowers growing in the streets. Nature is conquering back its space from mankind. 

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