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Even before I decided to grow vegetables myself, I was into herbs growing. Nothing taste better than a freshly self made pesto for pasta or risotto. 
I always have peppermint, melissa , persil and rosemary and others available. 

Last year in early winter I seeded further persil and wild chives. Actually I was hoping to have them ready for winter. But I was too late seeding. You know how it is, the weather was still warm and one can not think of winter. So I ended up putting the seeds into the pots only end of October. In February I could use the new persil’s leaves. Which is not to too bad!
I am having both in pots, because I am planning to keep them available for a winter supply on fresh greens. Therefore the pots needs to be removable to locate them in house in winter. 

By the way persil or fresh herbs can be stored for at least a week in a glass of water in the fridge. So there is always fresh leaves handy for cooking.  
The melissa and the peppermint just grow extremely. If I do not diminish them every year, the garden would be full of them. And I mean just full of them. The fresh leaves are good for salads, pestos and tea. I can recommend melissa tea with fresh leaves at night for relaxation. The tea can be used hot or cold as a summer cooler, home made ice tea. 
The herbs are a real must have. And they grow in every space you can grow them easily indoors at the window sill or a hanging garden. Some great ideas for indoors gardening. 

Garden at small spaces

The rosemary needs winter protecting in my zone. So it is also in a large pot I can remove in an outside storage in late winter. For indoor usage it is advisable to just use young rosemary. You can generate new plants easily. Just cut off a vegative ending and stick it in a little pot or in water first until it generated roots. 

On the picture you can see my herbal garden and a little sapling of laurel I brought back from my other tropical garden in Montenegro. There are laurel forests directly in front of the house. 

Here some vertical garden, I found on Pinterest