Avoiding waste is a task and a challenge. For me a sustainable approach is to think each time ahead if there is a better way that reduces the output of waste. So the little things counts and add up to a remarkable result in the long run.
Those little gestures start with drinking coffee to stay or to use again.
Me and my barista are of the opinion that a good coffee taste better in a cup and it is worthwhile to spend the extra 15 min. Here is my previous post.Coffee cups and waste
Some shops offer reusable mugs or accept the clients own coffee mugs.
The City of San Fransisco does not allow to go cups or take away boxes! Congrats!!!

Similar little gesture is with with ice cream. I admit I am not very fond of ice cream and in cornets in particular. But when I feel like having an ice cream I avoid the plastic or paper cups. I would feeling bad by wasting a paper cup.
That’s the thing with sustainability, not doing something because it is fashionable. But to engage in behaviors that is becoming fashionable because it feels good and is a right thing for oneself and it supports the environment.

The list can be endless and once you start thinking over the habits you will discover enormous potential to avoid waste.
More and more package free supermarkets are opened. Again it is a vintage trend. None of our grand or grand grandparents had plastic bags or could buy a tomato in winter in a plastic tray. And why do I need a tomato in winter in a plastic tray? A homemade tomato sauce in a jar would serve the same purpose.Easy made tomato sauce 

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