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With my gardening project I am converting grassland back into gardening beds. I have tested organic methods that needs to be easy and do not involve digging. I like the idea that what is good for me also is good for the garden and follow the concept of permaculture.
Potatoes are supposed to to a good job in the transitioning process. With its roots the potato plants loosening the ground that was compressed by walking on the grassland. Therefore potatoes are a fantastic first growing.
In early spring I did the preparation work Preparation for Spring
In early May I bought organic potatoes, just 1 package with about 10 mother potatoes to plant.
Right Into the grass mulch cover I put into two lines the potatoes. Covered them about 20 cm with addition of very rough mulch that contains cut branches and twigs from last autumns garden cut.
That’s basically all you need to do. Other then to wait until the time of harvest has come.
The potato seedlings mange their ways through the thick mulch layers. I had very strong and healthy looking potato green and no issues with bugs and other little friends. It really looked promising for cropping out the potatoes.
And here it is. A bucket full of delicious potatoes.
I just had to loosed the soil a bit with a fork and take out the new potatoes.
Right away I seeded an autumn salad Red Giant.
Next to my potato bed I have a few sweet corns which also looks very promising.