Harvesting – a virtual Thanksgiving

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The first gardening year is almost at its end. Let’s celebrate a virtual thanksgiving!
This year encouraged me to convert more of the grassland into a vegetable garden. Just going outside to pick something for dinner is a great satisfying feeling. And I get spoiled, by the taste of it.

I had a gorgeous harvest on potatoes Potatoes, your friendly soil support
Sweet corn, beans and peas.
Those I tried out for the first time. The seeds grow well with a decent harvest. Those sorts seemed to match the soil. Still I have supply from kale, pastinak and a delicious Asia salat, called Red Giant.
The salat can be used row – salat, or steamed like a spinach sort of vegetable dish.
It contains mustard oils and thats how it taste, like mustard. I am very pleased, I love mustard and the snails don’t like it. Yep! Got ya
On the down side, here is the dining menu of my snails.
Carrots, broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin. They had all and I had nothing.
With pots on the terrace I could save beans, kale and sunflowers.
This year the tomatoes didn’t like the wet June and July. They where very shy this year, but last was fantastic. Last year the tomato sort ox heard grow enormously.
The fruits did well, I had tons of plums Caning plumes and the sugar dilemma and berries Summer Berries
The outside storage is full of apples and kiwis.
Preserving food

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