Late New Year resolution and inventory

Iventory The winter hit us very hard this year. All is covered with show and the temperature are unusually fierce. Even at sunny day we do not reach temperatures above freezing point. The winter greens such as kale are gone by now and my always reliable Burnett is under the snow. Luckily the forecast was good and predicted this cold temperature ahead of time. We could move all apples from the outside storage into the house cellar. The storage cellar is not heated but temperatures would not drop below freezing point. It keeps the apples fresh for some weeks. The wall storages are full of jars with canned plumes. For our daily breakfast we still enjoy fresh apples or open a jar with plums. The goal is to have sufficient supply of vegetables for winter. I would like to minimize the daily groceries to only basic items. I am still way ahead. But a change is already noticeable. 

 1. The kitchen waste mostly is used to compost and the garbage bin is almost empty. 

  1. The expenditure for food is reduced 

  2. I feel better by eating homegrown food

The plan for this year to extend the amounts of plants but also the variety. Over Christmas holidays I studies the new seeds catalog and prepared my shopping list. I need to improve my compost and fertilizers skills.

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