Abandon flowers from mass production

Flowers are beautiful. In early spring flower blossoms are a source of joy. After an always too long and dark winter the first colorful buts are welcomed by everyone. People buy flowers for gardens and balconies. And they buy cheap as now there are so many offers of blooming flowers for a few cents. In the city the administration prepare the public spaces for spring. The decoration needs to be switched. I would consider a park as an organic organism. The whole park is a bigger organism consistent of various plants. According to the assembly of the plants the park would naturally look different at every season.

But parks can also look artificially like a cheap stage decoration. The decoration is easy changeable. Than the flowers act as a fast decoration tool to add color to the stage. The natural nature of a living plant is changed to be just an subject, to fulfill a purpose.

Is that sustainable to plant blossoming followers and exchange them after a few weeks to be replaced with a new sort? The old get thrown away as they are out of duty.

Industrial production of flowers or herbs is a mass market with mass production. The purpose is to have the flowers or herbs ready to sell fast and simultaneously at a certain time. For followers it means lot of blossoms buts at the same time. After the blossoming period, after a few weeks the plant is exhausted and will die.

I have tried to keep some of those industrial grown flowers alive. With primroses I had some success, but it is noticeable that in a normal environments without the nourishing chemical liquids to push for plenty of blossoms the plant is going back to normal growing pattern. If one compare that with the excessive stage it was bought it is for most people dissatisfying. As a result those plants get thrown away, as they aren’t of any use.

The plants are cultivated in mass production and in monoculture to be sold in the shops.

Since Henry Ford’s famous quote: sure, customers can have their car in every color they wish, as long as they choose black.

We have learnt that industrial production at the assembly line is best when just one sort is produced. Individual or customized design does not support the economies of scale.

What does that mean to our flowers? In the garden centers you can buy a primrose these days for about 0,50 Euro Cent, for US Dollar just add 0,02 or 0,03 cents to the equation.

Now imagine the whole seller is getting a mark up, probably we have some shipping in the distribution chain. Strip another mark up for logistics. Than you are close to the production price. Not much left, just a few cents profit per plant. Therefore the production needs to be massive to give the producer his earnings! This makes clear that producer are motivated to produce plants as cheap as possible as long as the market price is shrinking. The perceived incentive to support biodiversity is minimal.

The biodiversity of all species on our planet is shrinking year over year. According to the  WWF site the annual extinction rate of species to disappear from earth is calculated to be between 0,01% and 0,1%.

How do we stop this extinction of species? Start with your balcony or yard. Buy heirloom seeds and grow your own plants, flowers or vegetable as you like. A normal grown flower plant may not look as dramatically beautiful as in a garden center, but it has its natural beauty and will stay with you and give you a tight connection to Mother Nature.

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