Re-birth of clothes – how second hand fashion slows down fast fashion

I love shopping, believe me I was a first shopping queen when it was not even a show on tv. I could spend a fortune on new clothes. 

I love to be fashionable.  

What I love is the process of wandering around, look around. I love to feel the fabrics, the cut of the clothes. After touching and feeling the clothes I make my choice and buy my favorites. 

With the advance of the Internet and their multiple shopping sites, it was exiting to see all the look books and customized offerings I really liked. But I was more reluctant to actually buy clothes online. I have thought of the reasons, I think I just missed the feeling sense. I can not feel the fabric between my fingers. 

Sadly, the competition from the online stores forced many owner based little shops to give up. The cities see in majority just chain stores for clothing. As their costs and rents for the city locations are increasing. The chain stores need to attract many customers to have the desired sales turn over. 

Et voila the fast fashion was born. 

Almost every other week new trends are introduced. That the quality of the fabric and the cuts get sacrificed in run of margin improvement is understandable – but not a favorable turn. 

So it turned out that the once shopping queen lost interest in shopping. But the wish for fashionable clothes remained. 

After almost 2 years of abstinence I found a new shop and saw to my satisfaction more and more popping up. Which is literally meaning, because they are called pop up stores! 

Stylists, designer or other collectors rent a room for a few weeks to sell designer cloth second hand. Even permanent Second hand shops for high quality cloth opened. 

 I like the idea that a fashion piece have a chance now of a longer second life – To slow down the fast fashion. 

And I enjoy shopping again. The Second Hand Fashion gave my office look a chic vintage touch. I’ combine the key pieces either Boho style or an vintage Coco Channel look. 

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