First Green to bust your immune system

This winter has been mild, unusual mild so far, but still I was happily delighted to discover fresh greens in the garden in early January. I still have canned fruits for breakfast and fermented carrots with chard beet, but I missed the fresh taste of juicy green leaves. I was excited to discover that some persil had made it through the frosty nights and my favorite burnet or pimpernel has already huge fresh leaves. With both together I can enhance my diet already with the greens. The fresh greens are full of healthy mineral supplements such as magnesium and iron to bust the immune system.

Last summer I planted some persil into an old bathtub. The tub prevented the cold to creep in and the persil spouts already.

Persil in the bathtub/ladyash’sdiwan

For years I grow burnet in my garden as a year long supply on fresh herbs. Especially in winter and early spring when usually you can’t get any fresh leaves, the burnet is a reliable source.

Burnet pesto/ladyash’sdiwan

Burnet is perfect winter herb, and is packed with vitamin C. In old time is was used to prevent pest diseases. I just use it in winter as pesto or into curries.

In the garden it is the herb that grows everywhere and absolutely does not require any attention. If you start with a garden with uncultivated soil from building a house the pimpernel is the right choice for you. It helps to cultivate the soil to prepare for other plants

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