Herbal tea or mountain tea from Montenegro


Powerful herbs for tea grow in the Montenegrin Mountains area. They boost the immune system wirh a natural detoxification  

The Adriatic country Montenegro calls itself the “Wild Beauty” and that’s what it is. The mountains reach to the seashore and raise up above the treeline. So you find all different vegetation levels in a very close distance. 

By chatting with the locals, they pointed up to the mountains and and explained to me ” we go there to pick up tea.” First I thought of black tea and was wondering if tea could grow there. But as the climate is mild and lots of exotic plants from all over the world grow there, it seemed possible. In former times the local sailors brought all sorts of plants from their journeys from around the world. Here you easily find a banana tree just next to an oak tree.

But a visit at the market place proved me wrong. They meant herbal tea. Traditionally herbs are used for medicine. The people here still have a very profound knowledge of herbs and their healing power. From generation to generation the recipes are handed on. They know the best places in the mountains where the most powerful herbs are growing.

 Montenegrin mountains


This untouched nature is the real treasure of this area. The herbal plants grow without any cultivation in their natural environment. The natural diversity of species is still rich, no extinction has limited the rich vegetation. The mountains are not polluted with industrial fertilizer or other chemicals.  In fact the capsulated area up in the mountains have developed its own species that are unique to this area.  

I have spent some time on the market and got all the herbs explained to me and how to use them and for what purpose. At home all the different herbal teas filled almost two sideboards at the kitchen. 

The herbal teas from that mountains area is full of native essential oils and minerals and give a powerful tea of herbal infusion. 

In the evening after dinner it became a routine not only for digestion but more for relaxing and the let go of a stressful day at our urban lifestyle. I always have a selection a various sorts available and mix them depending on mood, taste or constitutional needs. 

Once you are familiar with the effects you can mix the herbs in a free style infusion that suits for that evening.

The basics for free style fusion for an relaxing evening are:

  • Peppermint – digestive 
  • Lavender – relaxation 
  • Rose petals – relaxation 
  • Lemon Balm – digestive and relaxation 

For special needs the Montenegrin mountains provides specific species of herbs to boost the immune system and another way to detox metabolism:

  • Wild thyme provides not only relief for coughing, it improves the immune system. But is a great tea in the morning. It energizes you and clears the mind better than any coffein could do.
  • Winter savory is a real medical tea and helps immediately with a sick stomach.
  • Gamander or Teucrium that is said to support the recovery after a severe illness. But it clearly has detoxing power and cleans the liver, fights inflammation. Therefore the tea helps at all inflammatory diseases. 

The list of powerful Montenegrin herbs also includes herbs such as oregano to provide relief from coughing, colds or flue symptoms. 

And all herbal teas come either unpackaged or in pure sustainable paper package! 

Oregano tea from Montenegro


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