Fashion revolution week #haulternative

The fashion revolution creates alternative paths to common fast fashion with its intinative #haulternative. This week is the fashion revolution week – it honours the many garment workers who died in a fire in 2013 at Rana Plaza

Fast fashion can do harm for people and the environment

Fair, Slow and fashionable? Yes, it works and actually it has to work.
This week is the week of the fashion revolution. The fashion was born after the tragic death of more than 1.000 garment workers during a fire in five garment factories in India, Rana Plaza at April 24th 2013.
Those workers, mostly young women died in the factories because of fast fashion, because of cheep garment pricing.

  • The average American throws away each year clothes worth about 82 Euro.
  • The British woman buys clothes worth 320 Euro that she will never wear ! That makes about 34 billion of unworn clothes.
  • Rather then discarding those clothes they could be recycled.

Just some more disturbing facts:

  • The clothing consumption produces 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per household per year. That is the equivalent of driving 6.000 cars.
  • The production of a pair of jeans consumes water in the equivalent of 285 showers.

Here comes the #haultternative initiated from the fashion revolution in the game. The initative introduces alternatives to the fast consumption of cloths.

  • Love your clothes – you do not need to buy new clothes over and over. A few key pieces will enhance your style.
  • Broken but beautiful – some pieces are so dear to you that you could not discard them even if they are falling apart. My jeans jacket is such a piece
  • Fashion Fix – some repairs could shed a new light on a broken piece
  • Second Hand
  • Vintage
  • Swap – exchange your clothes with friends or in online circles
  • DIY 
  • Hire – hire designer cloth for special occations
  • Keep your precious cloths – slow down the fashion

 My love letter to my favourite piece in my wardrobe

Immediately one of my long owned and all time favourite pieces came into my mind by reading the haulternative initative and it’s proposal to write a love letter to your favourite cloth.

  • because I love it,
  • it is second hand
  • it is vintage
  • but the fabric is such a wonderful quality that it is not broken.

The love story with my bluse started almost 20 years ago, when I discovered the vintage 1950 bluse at a second hand fair in Munich. It was probably the year after I moved to Munich.
So actually the bluse is an original piece from the 1950’s. It’s geometric style, dark blue fabric with handcrafted broderie anglaise made it a very special bluse.
In summer it is very comfortable cool and it fits just to every style.

It goes with denim
It fits the office look
and even does well with silk in the evening

Processed with MOLDIV

This is my little precious one I could not miss and it probably will stay with me forever !

Just compare the fabric of a vintage piece with the fabric of the fast fashion industry. The one is made to last a whole life and the other is probably made to get ruined after the first washing.

Be sustainable and wear #haulternative clothes. Join the fashion revolution.

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