Essential Olis the pure skin care

An essential oil treatment for every skin type – the natual oils are just the pure essence – without any addtitive substance


Keep essetial oils and moisturiser seperate

Lipids and moisture are the key elements for a smooth and healthy skin. The issue is, that both don’t like each other and do not want to partner. It does need an emulsifying agent to convinces both to go smooth into a creme pot.
Recently cosmetic brands launch skin care in two components with separate packages.

  • one the skin care oil
  • and the other the moisturiser

By separating both components they can dismiss the emulsifier, not just because the synthetic substance is under heavy review of damaging the natural skin protection. So toxic substance may find its way into the skin and are suspect of causing even DNA damage.
Both oil and moisturiser usually come in air-tight bottles so that antioxidants are also not needed.
The advantage is that the oil and moisturiser are in a stable pure condition and can optimise their effects just when both are mixed together on the skin.

Essential oils also for oily skin or sensitive skin

Oily skin and than add extra oil on to it ? Yes, it may sound not like a good idea but it works and obviously depend on the oil.
Skin care oils are natural oils and contain the essentials of the plants. Oils can work antibacterial and reduce acne.

Those essential oils reduces oily skin problems

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Rose Oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Black Cumin Oil
  • Thistle Oil

But also sensitive skin or someone with skin disorders can get relief from pure essential oils, such as evening primrose oil.

The organic cosmetic has for every skin type the proper skin care oil and a moisturiser to go with it. Actually it is just keeping the two components separate that would have been mixed together otherwise in a facial creme.

For dry skin and in anti ageing the treatment with pure skin care oils is better known. Here you can choose from a wide selection.

The Diwan’s favourites essential oils for dehydrate skin:





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