Belgrad – upcycling at its best

Belgrade’s shabby chic design

At the first glimpse Belgrade shares the shabby post socialism look you expect to see as in many eastern European cities. Bedraggled industrial apartments blocks, fronds, falling off the old buildings or black as a coal mine.
But if you dare to take a second look at Belgrad’s buildings you’ll find a lot of surprising beauty underneath. The broken fronds flirting with shabby chic design – actually the city is fab!

Just stroll along the streets in old town Belgrade and you’ll discover something new – around every corner you’ll go.

The old concrete walls are covered with art work in graffiti or with colourful prints. Street art at it’s finest.

Together with plenty of flowers and green spots between the black fronts, Belgrad gets its unique look – that is lively and vibrant

Belgrade’s Cafe Scene

Many of the thousands cafes in Belgrad share this trendy design look. Actually they take it to a much more artistic level. Prints on concrete, inventive up cycling and shabby chic design completes the Belgard look for coffee houses.

Belgrade Design District

So it’s no wonder that the “Belgrade Design District” or “Choomich” found its home in a 80’th shopping mall that is literally falling into pieces. In one wing designers moved in and up cycled the area to fit their needs. Graffitis, sculptures and plants are creating the frame for their design work. And guess what its pretty stylish and just crazy inspiring. I love to wander around to get ideas of what a bit of fantasy and paint can do. The design district is an perfect example how even the ugliest surrounding can become a stylish place. The Design District is housing not only fashion designers but also design shops for jewellery, lamps, cutlery or organic cosmetic.

Belgrade Savamala

The hip Savamala quarter provides shabby chic night life. The quarter once in the 19th century was the modern part of old Belgrad directly at the right bank of the river Sava. But since then Savamala was ill-kept. Today the houses are in desperate conditions. But at night it hosts an active party scene.  The old buildings make a picturesque background for cocktail bars with live music. Worth for The Guardian to write an article about the creative scene in Savamala.  Not only at night, but also during day time Savamala is bussy, its makes the relaxing scenery for a family walk along the riverside.

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  1. so nice to know Belgrade is getting better and better 🙂 In the last 10 years, I went there 5 or 6 times but haven´t done it for like 3 years now… maybe it´s a good time to return and see one of my favorite cities by myself, thanks for sharing 🙂 PedroL

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