Sutjeska – a winter journey

Sutjeska, why on earth in winter ?

Travelling through the Sutjeska National Park in the middle of winter is quite a challenge.
But with thorough planning and a good car it is doable and rewards you with much picturesque landscapes.
Belgrad was becoming too cold and snowy – so why not heading to the adriatic coast in Montenegro.
But things aren’t that easy, between Belgrad and Montenegro. There are actaully high mountains with ski resorts and most challenging really bad roads in between. Therefore an icy road is just a bad idea.
As the weather meant well and the snow began to thaw, the winter journey seemed possible.
This region basically has yet no highways. You have to cross steep mountains on small and curvy roads. Sometimes that narrow that busses or trucks need to manoeuvre a few times to manage to make the turns.

The Mountain massif of Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska – a real experience you need to see

The route through Bosnia, or actually mostly through Republika Srpska is marvellous at every season. But most beautiful in winter.
The route firstly follows the River Drina to the Sutjeska National Park. Here you drive along the Sutjeska River, who has carved an impressive canyon into the mountains.
The Park is one of the oldest national parks in that region. Unfortunalty it gained notoriety as a location for a battle in World War II.
Anyhow the wild beauty of the nature is just stunning.
The highest mountain of Bosnia the Maglic´ massif with over 2.300 Meters is located within the borders of the national park. The park contains also the strict Nature Reserve, Perućica. It is one of the last primeval forests in middle Europe. The Perućica forrest is home of high beech trees and picuresque back pines. But also find bears and wild wolfs make their living still in this forrest.

From the town Tjentište you can start a hiking tour to explore the mountain massif. Just for the restricted Nature Reserve Perućica you will need a mountain ranger as a guid.

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