Vintage Shopping – the next big thing!

Vintage Shopping the better fashion

Last year we learnt a lot about things not to do, if you want to save the plant.
We’ve learnt that consuming fast fashion is a no go!
We’ve experienced that it is not necessary to buy every other week a brand new styling. On the contrary now you are considered to be a trendy person if you quit consumption.
But what’s up now – What are we going to do this year? Re-use, sharing and repairing are the next big things if you ask the economists of the post growth economy. They visioned an economy beyond the current growth capitalism. Here sharing, re-using and repairing of items is the key elements. Buying new goods is just for replacing purposes.

Vintage shopping vs. fast fashion

That comes handy, as actually this week the fashion reminds us again about the tragedy that happend in 2013. When a great fire in a garmet factory at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh let the building to collaps – more than 1,000 people died and many, many more had been injured. Still the fast fashion industry spinning the wheel to present every other month a completely new collection. The clothes has to be cheap and fast. Do they?

  • The people making those clothes work for wages that aren’t high enough for making their living and the working conditions are inacceptable.
  • But more disturbing the fashion revolution revealed with its #haulternative initative – most garments ended up unworn on huge garbage piles.
  • The peole making the clothes are suffering and our plants does as well.

Given that – The challenge for 2019 is vintage shopping – Re-use the current garments we have to expand its lifetime.

Source fashion revolution

Vintage the new shopping lust

Second hand fashion becomes fashionable, again. It does not need to be a salvation army shop. Vintage shops has evolved since the early 1960th when used cloth made the inspiration for the then popular boho look. Just think of the famous Leonard Cohen song Suzanne: „She got her rags and feathers from salvation army’s.“
Today we are digitalised and have the option to go to a really cool vintage store or use the internet for sharing or trading re-use clothes on those platforms.
I actually prefer the vintage store, because I need to feel the fabrics between my fingers. I need to smell the dust of previous decades to get exited about a piece.
With a few key pieces you can easily create your unique styles – beyond the boho style.

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