Onions, carrots and snail

After some digging into the back corner of the outside storage i found the covers I was looking for. Originally I brought them to protect against the snail attracts. But they did not work as the snails manage to squeeze in everywhere. Anyhow now I am using them for my carrots and parsnips, the little spouts... Continue Reading →

Preparation for Spring

Our neighborhood organize in alliance with a garden center workshops and seminars. I attended a seminar how to prepare the garden in springtime. Afterwards I was so motivated that I went into the garden, grabbed several tools. The tasks was to get rid of the weed and add some compost to the soil, and perhaps... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Today was shopping day! I've brought the heirloom seeds for this new year. This year the garden plots will be expanded by one for potatoes. The weather was warm for February and so I've prepared the plots already, compost, calcareous marin algae and finally sodium hydrogen carbonate.  As a reward I did shopping. I brought seeds... Continue Reading →

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